Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program


The Regional Drought Resilience Planning (RDRP) Program was established and funded under the Australian Government’s $5 billion Future Drought Fund (FDF), which invests in building resilience to drought for farmers, allied industries and regional communities.

Southern Wheatbelt Regional Drought Resilience Plan - Pilot

The Wheatbelt Development Commission was involved in delivery of the Pilot year of the program, completing the Southern Wheatbelt Regional Drought Resilience Plan (RDRP) in partnership with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Shires of Dumbleyung, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace and Wagin.

The Southern Wheatbelt RDRP was developed through an extensive consultation process, exploring innovative and diverse pathways to build drought resilience in agricultural, primary production and agricultural supply chain industries.

The Southern Wheatbelt RDRP and accompanying Drought Vulnerability Assessment are available here

The WDC will work with the Southern Wheatbelt Shires of Dumbleyung, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace and Wagin to implement priority actions identified in the Plan. An immediate focus for the sub-region is developing investment ready projects that support the improved resilience of water supply and distribution.

Wheatbelt (Northern) Regional Drought Resilience Plan – Extension

The WDC were successful in securing funding for development of a RDRP for the remaining Wheatbelt region. The new RDRP – titled Wheatbelt (Northern) will cover off on the remaining 37 local government areas of the region and will have a sub-regional focus.


The WDC is seeking interest from regional stakeholders to be involved in the development of the Wheatbelt Plan. If you are interested in being involved, or want to keep updated with the progress of the Plan, please express your interest to

Other current Future Drought Fund projects in the Wheatbelt region

The implementation of the Regional Drought Resilience Plans is a shared responsibility, with many different organisations, groups and funding partners contributing to building drought resilience in the Wheatbelt region.

The WDC regularly interacts with stakeholders to ensure opportunities are leveraged and maximised, and include the following programs and projects currently underway in the region:

Helping Communities Prepare for Drought

Led by the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal, this program focuses on small grants targeting community development initiatives to help prepare for drought.

Farm Business Resilience program

Delivered through DPIRD, and focused on building capacity of all primary producers, with a focus on Aboriginal primary producers.

South West WA Regional Drought Resilience and Innovation Hub

Range of programs, including the following in the Wheatbelt region:

Climate for Agriculture Program  

Other programs of direct relevance to building economic and community resilience to climate impacts, including drought include:

Community Water Supply Program

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation led program, $100K for projects that improve development of community water supplies across the region.

WaterSmart Farms

DPIRD led, WDC, GSDC and Water Corp supported – community desalination trials at Merredin and Dumbleyung

WaterSmart Industry

Focused on development of non-potable water supply for industry in the Wheatbelt South and Upper Great Southern region.

Wheatbelt District Leadership Group

Regional Government leaders focused on initiatives that support region wider community development. Include development of the Wheatbelt Health and Wellbeing Plan.

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