Small scale desalination trial in the Avon

July 26, 2019 at 3:38 PM


The Muresk FarmSmart event held on 19 June included the launch of the small scale desalination trial, a joint project between the WDC, Murdoch University, Muresk Institute, Water Corporation, Greening Australia and As One Nyitting. The project will trial on-farm desalination methods to provide farmers with an alternative water supply that is independent of scheme water. 

Water produced from the trial will support the planting of native species alongside the desalination unit, by Greening Australia working in partnership with As One Nyitting, a Wheatbelt business providing innovative projects to the First Nations Community. This will offer opportunities for local Aboriginal people to work in desalination technology and engineering; land management and potential enterprise development for seed collecting and native bush foods. 

Murdoch University will contribute strong expertise in desalination and water re-use. Professor Wendell Ela, the project lead, specialises in decentralized off grid water treatment systems for rural communities and agricultural applications. This project will bring students and researchers to the Wheatbelt to gain knowledge and experience of inland desalination. 

In the long term, being less reliant on scheme water will have major benefits for farmers. If some farms can be removed from the Goldfields Agricultural Water Scheme, this would take the pressure off Perth’s Integrated Water Supply Scheme and provide savings for the Water Corporation.

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