New Wheatbelt Development Commission Board Appointments

July 01, 2015 at 11:56 AM


Minister for Regional Development, Hon Terry Redman MLA has re-appointed Graham Cooper as a Ministerial representative; Val Ammon as a Local Government representative and Heidi Cowcher as a Community representative. 

Mr Graham Cooper was re-appointed as the Ministerial representative to the Board and will continue to bring extensive experience as a small business owner and local government knowledge. Mr Cooper is Chair of Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt, and is passionate about regional WA and improving business within it.

Ms Val Ammon was re-appointed as the Local Government representative.  Ms Ammon is a resident of Lancelin and a Councillor with the Shire of Gingin.  Ms Ammon has experience as a small business owner, with significant professional experience in allied health and local government. 

Ms Heidi Cowcher was re-appointed as the Community representative.  Ms Cowcher lives and works in the Williams area, and is the Deputy Chair of the Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt, and maintains a strong level of involvement in various local community and sporting organisations.

“I welcome the re-appointment of the current board members.  This will ensure continuity and will continue to bring a diverse set of skills and experience with strong regional knowledge,’ said Chair Tim Shackleton. “I would also like to acknowledge that their hard work, commitment and continued regional thinking have been recognised by their re-appointment to the Wheatbelt Development Commission Board.”

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