Faces of the Wheatbelt - Indigo Storm Photography

June 08, 2017 at 8:49 AM


Despite a lack of sleep the night before there is a sense of excitement from this month’s Faces of the Wheatbelt winner, Kylie Gee of Southern Cross. 


She has been out late capturing stunning images of the quarter crescent moon, softly lighting the landscape as well as providing the right lighting to photograph the Milky Way. 


Kylie is a highly regarded Wheatbelt weather photographer or ‘storm chaser’ – a passion she has turned into an online business – Indigo Storm Photography. 

A quick look at her website is inspiring, with stunning shots across different Wheatbelt landscapes from the coast to Southern Cross. 


She confesses she loves “nice clean lines” and her signature shot is a unique single tree in an open landscape with some weather brewing in the background. 

“I have always had an interest in weather so it was only a matter of time that the two interests would go together,” says Kylie while explaining she has developed the business over the last four to five years.  “Living in the Wheatbelt we get some beautiful, dramatic and stunning storms,” she says. 


Landscape and weather photography is all about being in the right place at the right time according to Kylie. Being based in the Wheatbelt gives her an advantage, with little travel required to get into position as storms develop. 

“The expansion of social media has made a big difference to my reach and has encouraged me to be creative, as you get instant feedback on your work.” she says. 


After numerous requests to sell her photos online Kylie completed an online diploma course and built her own website, another aspect she loves about the job. 

“I like that I’m always learning and constantly dealing with challenges such as creating a platform where people can view and order my work.” 


Kylie admits some of the best advice she has received was from a careers adviser in high school who told her to “find something you love doing and work out how to make money from it,” which, after many years, she has done just that. 

Her talent for landscapes has been recognised with a number of industry awards and commendations. Kylie says it is nice to have her images acknowledged professionally although it’s not the reason why she does it. 


“I take them for me and it’s a very creative process.” She says what is more valuable is the wonderful feedback from customers like a woman from Perth who had never ventured into the Wheatbelt before seeing Kylie’s work on Facebook. She was inspired to take a trip to the region with her husband and camp out, and has been doing it now for several years, all because of those Wheatbelt images.

“To me that was a beautiful compliment and achievement,” Kylie says proudly. 

Instagram:       Indigostormphotography

Facebook:       Indigo Storm Photography

Awards and Commendations (full details available at https://www.indigostormphotography.com )

      Capture Magazine Australia's Top Emerging Photographer landscape 2017 – Commended

      Elders Farm Weekly - RIPE Magazine Feature

      Astrofest 2017 - Judges Commendation

      Australian Geographic Top 10 Reader Image for 2016

      Bureau of Meteorology 2017 Australian Weather Calendar Featured Photographer

      Astrofest 2016 - Special Commendation

      2016 Perth Weather Live Calendar Featured Photographer

      Sky News Channel Weather Calendar – Winner (2014)

      Top 25 Finalist Perth Weather Live Weather Calendar (2014)

      Top 25 Finalist Australian Photography Weather Competition (2014)

Image Credits: Indigo Storm Photography (Landscape) and Bettina Jacoby-Ticehurst (Portrait)

These images have been modified for the purposes of this campaign.

The Faces of the Wheatbelt project is proudly funded by the Avon Community Development Foundation and the Wheatbelt Development Commission.

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