Dryandra Equestrian Centre Shelter opened

March 13, 2018 at 4:36 PM


The Shire of Cuballing formally opened the new Horse Yard Shade Shelter at the Dryandra Equestrian Centre on 17 February 2018.  The opening was attended by Hon Laurie Graham MLC, Member for the Agricultural Region, representatives from the Dryandra Regional Equestrian Association, Dryandra Pony Club and the Shire of Cuballing.  

The 840m2 structure is an all-weather shelter over the existing 48 horse yards where riders prepare their horses for competitions at the Dryandra Equestrian Centre.  This protection assists in meeting OSH and RSPCA requirements for shelter from the weather and provides a secure area for vetting stations for endurance equestrian events.  

The central area of the yards is used as a secure, sheltered area for groundwork, horsemanship, liberty training and workshops, particularly for younger riders at the Dryandra Pony Club.  These activities will now be sheltered from the elements. 

Funding contributions to this project were received from Royalties for Regions; Dryandra Regional Equestrian Association; Dryandra Pony Club; Lotterywest; and the Shire of Cuballing. 

Source: Shire of Cuballing 

Image credit – Shire of Cuballing

Photo: L – R: Mr Gary Sherry, CEO Shire of Cuballing; Cr Eliza Dowling, Deputy President, Shire of Cuballing, Committee Dryandra Pony Club; Ms Dannielle Franz, Secretary Dryandra Regional Equestrian Association; Ms Jacqui Early, Life Member Dryandra Pony Club and Committee Dryandra Regional Equestrian Association; Cr Mark Conley, President, Shire of Cuballing; Hon Laurie Graham MLC, Member for the Agricultural Region; Ms Lara Skerritt, President Dryandra Pony Club; Cr Roger Newman, Shire of Cuballing; Mr Bruce Brennan Manager Works & Services Shire of Cuballing.

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