Assistance with RED Grant applications - grant writing video series

June 10, 2020 at 1:51 PM


To assist in the preparation of RED Grant applications, the Regional Development Commissions have developed a video series designed to clarify the application process.

This video series addresses the critical aspects of grant writing to help you prepare a professional and robust application including;

They're a great resource and we really encourage you to watch the videos as you prepare your application.

Watch the series via Vimeo or select individual videos below

Video 1 - Introduction and about RED Grant

Video 2 - Before you start your application

Video 3 - Grant writing overview

Video 4 - Key project question - Why

Video 5 - Key project question - What

Video 6 - Key Project question - How

Video 7 - Key project question - When

Video 8 - Key project question - Viability

Video 9 - Key project question - Cost

Video 10 - Quantifying expected outcomes

Video 11 - Budget and market viability

Video 12 - Application Summary

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