Another step forward for WA's renewable hydrogen industry

Hydrogen Industry Minister Alannah MacTiernan has welcomed another positive step forward for renewable hydrogen in Western Australia, with Infinite Blue Energy's purchase of the Northam solar farm.

The 10 megawatt solar farm will become part of Infinite Blue Energy's MEG HP1 project, which aims to produce up to 4.4 tonnes per day of renewable hydrogen from a Northam plant for use in the heavy transport sector.

Transport is one of four strategic focus areas outlined in the WA Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, which identifies commercial vehicles as an early opportunity to harness hydrogen energy for mobility and freight transport.

The McGowan Government has committed $160 million to support renewable hydrogen development in WA.

Comments attributed to Hydrogen Industry Minister Alannah MacTiernan:

"We see enormous potential for locally-generated renewable hydrogen to replace diesel in our heavy transport sector, helping to reduce carbon emissions and improving our fuel security.

"Indeed transport fuel probably offers one of the earliest opportunities for the emerging renewable hydrogen industry.

"Infinite Blue Energy's MEG HP1 project is yet another positive step forward for renewable hydrogen in WA, and will play an important role in helping to stimulate early demand for hydrogen."

This media statement originated from the State Government's Media Statement page.

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