Wheatbelt Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund

The primary objective of the WRGS and WCCF is to improve economic and community infrastructure and services in the Wheatbelt through funding projects that will assist in attracting investment, increasing jobs and improving the quality of life in the region.

The WRGS and WCCF funds aim to assist the development of infrastructure, services and community projects, and contribute to the broad development of the community, including the establishment of services and programs.  Funding is intended to support the development of resilient communities and contribute to regional areas being vibrant and interesting places in which to live.  The Scheme’s broad objectives are to:

Wheatbelt Regional Grants Scheme (WRGS)

The WRGS provides grants from $50,001 to $300,000 for infrastructure projects, project development activities, non-capital projects such as community development activities, establishment of new services and increasing access to information.

Wheatbelt Community Chest Fund (WCCF)

The WCCF provides grants of up to $50,000 for smaller community projects including but not limited to events, community enhancements and project planning.

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